ICSx⁵ is an Android app to subscribe to remote (“Webcal”) or local iCalendar files (like time tables of your school/university or event files of your sports team). It will

  • download each iCalendar file regularly at a given interval and
  • import it into a native read-only calendar, which then can be used with your favorite calendar app.

If you need two-way sync over CalDAV/CardDAV, use DAVx⁵ instead.

Subscribe multiple calendars and keep them up-to-date Easy subscription setup with optional authentication Seamless integration with your favorite calendar apps Automatic synchronization based on own schedule plan Open .ics URLs directly from within your browser Set title and color to distinguish different calendars

Tested with various services

  • Subscribe to shared iCloud calendars
  • Subscribe to shared Google calendars
  • Subscribe to any other Webcal
  • Tested with https://www.webcal.guru/

Fediverse: @davx5app@fosstodon.org (for both DAVx⁵ and ICSx⁵)